LMC Projects was established in 2017, We are a Construction and interior fitout Company operating within the private residential sector and also the commercial market,
LMC works to high standards and this is reflected on our projects and through our relationships . LMC Construction are dedicated to achieving our customers vision and dreams on time and on budget through our project management process and skilled managers and workforce. We are particularly focused on attention to detail also quality ensuring every part of the project is carried out to the best possible standard and also in a safe manner having respect for our Clients property and also any neighbouring dwellings. LMC projects manages every project from start to finish no matter the size and we follow from start to completion, for example on a new build we start from planning stages working with the designers, architects through to the local authorities and warranty providers ensuring every part of a project is actioned and managed and also pushed forward and monitored, this is also the processes on sub contract packages ensuring materials are on the projects on time and the manpower is all organised and planned in advance taking into consideration lead times linked to vital project targets and programmes. Regarding Cost a very important factor for LMC and the Client we ensure proper cost surveys are carried out and preliminaries are in place to avoid hitting our Clients with unforeseen variations that unfortunately happen within construction projects unless proper pre planning and surveys are carried out. We would like to meet you in person to show you our professionalism, knowledge and capabilities, so please contact us to discuss your project and book in a meeting with a team member from LMC Projects, Thank you.


LMC, Displays the quality and experience through our projects and the website includes many images of various projects showing the diversity of LMC, We have been in the construction industry for 25 years and strive to offer new systems and standards to the building industry. Our core values revolve around customer service keeping within project programmes and project budgets.
LMC also is a trusted installer with a large manufacturing business that provides structural housing systems and modern methods of construction where we can offer our customers cutting edge technology at half the speed of conventional systems reducing budgets and timelines.
We have combined all of our skills to focus on attention to detail in every part of our works to obtain the best finishes whether external or internal creating the full vision and dream that our customers are expecting.
LMC undertakes any projects large and small and provides the same level of service to all our customers with professional experienced staff and management.